ICC looking for additional trade finance experts to sit on DOCDEX panels


Since 1997, the ICC DOCDEX Rules have provided a trusted dispute resolution system for documentary credits subject to the UCP 600. In 2002, the Rules were extended to bank guarantees (subject to URDG) and documentary collections (subject to URC 522). The 2105 revision further extended the scope to a wide range of trade finance instruments, including transactions or aspects of transactions not covered by existing ICC rules.

The ICC has maintained and regularly updated its list of experts that may be appointed to a request for a DOCDEX decision. To that end, the ICC is currently undertaking a revision of the list of appointed DOCDEX experts maintained by the Banking Commission. 

The ICC is inviting all National Committees to nominate suitable candidates according to the process and requirements described below. 

Anyone that is interested in being considered in the role of an expert must obtain the approval of the local ICC national committee AND meet ALL the criteria that is listed below.  

It should be noted that DOCDEX is available for the resolution of disputes arising under or in connection with trade finance, including, but not limited to, all Banking Commission rules: UCP, URDG, URC, ISP, URF, URBPO, etc. Experts proposed by NCs should possess expertise in all these rules or indicate the rules under which they have most experience and knowledge. 


National Committees are to propose candidates according to the following procedure:

1) Individual candidates should express their interest in becoming an Expert to their local National Committee (individuals cannot express interest directly to ICC Paris) and, in doing so, undertake to respect the requirements in the new rules as to the independence, impartiality and availability of the expert as well as the expert’s non participation in any proceedings in relation to the DOCDEX case;

2) National Committees must strictly vet and eventually endorse eligible candidates who meet the standards and provide their lists to ICC Secretariat in Paris by the deadline specified below.

3) All candidacies should be complete with a:

a. full professional CV; and

b. letter specifying the experience and expertise of the candidate in the DOCDEX domain.

Candidates failing to provide the requested information as specified above will not be considered.


Candidates must:

·       Be Senior Banking Executives or lawyers in private practice with domain expertise. It is imperative for the candidates to have proven expertise in trade finance or the legal aspects of trade finance,

·       Be fluent in English

·       Have good working knowledge of ICC Banking Rules

·       Have 12+yrs experience in their field of expertise

·       Have procedural experience

The final list of experts will be agreed upon by the ICC Secretariat in Paris and Executive Committee of the Banking Commission according to specific criteria regarding expertise, experience, and geographical distribution balance. 

Endorsement of a National Committee does not imply that the candidate will be automatically retained on the list by ICC Secretariat in Paris and the Executive Committee of the Banking Commission.

Experts on the existing list do not need to seek re-validation. 

Note: Candidates should indicate all aspects of their expertise in their CV. The deadline for submitting candidatures to ICC Secretariat in Paris is 26 March 2021 EOB. National committees are to write directly to the Secretariat of the Banking Commission at:

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