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Handling trade finance products can often lead to a minefield of problems and issues. Collyer Consulting Global Ltd can supply the answers through a number of different media, ranging from supplying updates on current initiatives and trends, to simply providing clarification or answers to burning questions. Questions are submitted daily by banks, importers, exporters and logistics organisations alike on a wide range of issues and topics. All are published anonymously and are available for all members to review.

Education and training forms a significant part of our offering, from Letter of Credit MasterClasses and seminars to the reviewing and updating of internal training material. Join the growing number who benefit from the information contained in the members section of this website. Sign up today!


Recent News

ICC Releases publication titled "Trade is critical to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals" 27/09/2022

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and its members are committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and tackling climate change...more

ICC Releases Technical Advisory Briefing No. 4 27/09/2022

Further to previous postings providing access to the ICC Trade Briefing Papers 1-3, Briefing Paper 4 has now been released by the ICC and can be accessed here Briefing Paper 4 is on the subject of ‘Documents presented by a nominated bank or confirming bank under UCP 600 and lost in transit...more