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Why choose Collyer Consulting Global Ltd?

Gary Collyer has over 35 years of experience in handling trade finance transactions, including documentary credits, guarantees and collections. His role as Technical Adviser, and Senior Technical Adviser, to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Banking Commission made him a focal point for the receipt of all up-to-date information and changes in industry practices. In addition, he was the chair of the Drafting Group responsible for the drafting of UCP 600 and can provide the "inside track" on how the rules should be used and applied by banks and companies alike. More recently, he was chair of the Drafting Groups for the development of the URBPO (rules for Bank Payment Obligations) and the revision of ISBP, that were both approved in April 2013.

Although he has relinquished his role with the ICC, Gary remains at the forefront of what is happening on the trade finance world.


Training can be completed remotely or on-site and tailored to the specific needs of the requesting institution. The sessions can vary from a half day to one day or more, depending on individual requirements. A full back up service is provided once the training is finished, for any final questions that arise once the training is concluded.


Simple intuitive guides to walk your staff through a transaction from start to finish. What to look for? What to do if there is a problem? How to prepare documents for presentation under a documentary credit? What should I know in the UCP?

Regular updates on documentary credit, collection, guarantee and other trade finance products.


General consultancy services tailored to your needs and requirements including, but not limited to, expert witness documentation in the event of actual or planned legal action under a specific transaction(s).


A facility allowing direct access for up to 10 individuals of your institution (more, if need be, can be catered for) to have direct email access in the event of issues that require an immediate response or assistance for further handling of a transaction. 90% of questions responded to within 24 hours, the remainder within 48/72 hours.

Documentary Credit review:

One of the most important aspects of handling documentary credits is the review of the credit itself (and any subsequent amendments) to highlight any anomalies or areas where there may be possible contention or opportunity for differing interpretation. We can provide a full service to review a scanned version of each documentary credit (and any subsequent amendments). We will send a simple report back to you indicating issues such as non-documentary conditions that may be ignored; conditions for which special or particular wording will be required to appear on your documents; and areas where the wording or conditions may benefit from an amendment.

A review can also be made against any contract or proforma invoice upon which the documentary credit has been established.

Examination of documents:

The global rate for discrepant documents on first presentations is currently quoted to be in excess of 60%. Whilst the vast majority of these transactions are ultimately accepted and paid, there are still losses for companies in terms of additional man hours spent resolving the problems; costs in obtaining replacement or corrected documents to resolve the discrepancies; additional bank fees in respect of discrepancy charges; and loss of interest due to delay in receiving payment. We can provide a service whereby we will provide a full review of those documents prior to presentation to the bank. Some discrepancies may not be capable of being corrected i.e., shipment effected after the latest shipment date etc. but we can, through our review, help alleviate the discrepancies that are in your control. Examination of documents will be subject to a satisfactory review of your requirements and the completion of a signed agreement between the Company and Collyer Consulting Global Ltd.

Our fees for these services are as follows:

Documentary credit review (including up to 2 amendments) and report - £60.00 with additional amendments charged at £10.00

Document examination service - GBP500 per set of documents. Special rates can be considered for companies with large volumes i.e., 5+ presentations per month.

Pricing for other services will vary upon the degree and type of service(s) requested. Further details can be obtained by contacting us at one of the methods shown on the contacts page. 

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